Versa-Glaze 1500


  • Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to maintain
  • Wet-glaze any profile shape ergonomically without gantry movement
  • HAECO's TRAC-FLO technology utilizes linear servo controls to consistently provide a uniform bead of sealant
  • Waste is nearly eliminated, while cleanup is made simple
  • Most economical wet-glazing system on the market

    If you need the ability to wet-glaze special profiles and are looking to improve the quality of your wet-glazing operation; then you to need the Versa-Glaze. HAECO's Versa-Glaze 1500 gives you the ability to easily wet-glaze any profile shape without gantry movement. HAECO's TRAC-FLO technology, uilizing linear servo controls and state-of-the-art electronics, provides a uniform bead of sealant around your entire profile. The Versa-Glaze works great for Specials, DH or SH sash, SH fixed lites, and a variety of other styles. This makes the system an excellent choice for multiple locations in your plant. The Versa-Glaze is compact, easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to maintain.

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