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The VERTI-GLAZE 4200V offers all the features provided in the Auto-glaze Model 4200, allowing for sealant application with the vertical positioning of the frames. Through the use of this particular model, operators are able to properly apply sealant with the vertical positioning of the frames. To learn more about our vertical window glazing tables, feel free to give us a call or watch the video below to see it in action!

Standard Features:

  • Servo-motor and roller bearing (beltless) drive system for safety and reliability
  • Adjustable support rail system to accommodate hardware positions with easily replace able durable plastic covers
  • Laser Optics ensure consistent bead placement
  • Retractable fence for positioning and easy pass through
  • Touchscreen HMI with maintenance and engineering keyed lock-out areas, allowing user adjustability for precise positioning and volume control of the sealant in the corners
  • Speed is pre-set at 40feet/min.
  • Equipped with Regulator, Supply Hose and Dispense Valve for Silicone or Hot Melt
  • Self-contained hose handling (silicone)

 Configurable Options to Fit Your Production Requirements:

  • Optional Two-stage or Three-stage pneumatic glazing height adjustment, or Auto-Z Servo Axis
  • Optional twin/triple cycle
  • Ambient Silicone or Hot Melt


  • Reduced floor space usage for work area
  • Better ergonomic in frame handling
  • Potential for reduced labor depending on product flow