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The VERTI-GLAZE 4200V offers all the features provided in the Auto-glaze Model 4200, allowing for sealant application with the vertical positioning of the frames.

Standard Features:

  • Servo-motor and roller bearing (beltless) drive system for safety and reliability
  • Adjustable support rail system to accommodate hardware positions with easily replace able durable plastic covers
  • Laser Optics ensure consistent bead placement
  • Retractable fence for positioning and easy pass through
  • Touchscreen HMI with maintenance and engineering keyed lock-out areas, allowing user adjustability for precise positioning and volume control of the sealant in the corners
  • Speed is pre-set at 40feet/min.
  • Equipped with Regulator, Supply Hose and Dispense Valve for Silicone or Hot Melt
  • Self-contained hose handling (silicone)

 Configurable Options to Fit Your Production Requirements:

  • Optional Two-stage or Three-stage pneumatic glazing height adjustment, or Auto-Z Servo Axis
  • Optional twin/triple cycle
  • Ambient Silicone or Hot Melt


  • Reduced floor space usage for work area
  • Better ergonomic in frame handling
  • Potential for reduced labor depending on product flow