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  • Allows operator to safely position glass prior to contact with the sealant or tape
  • Eliminates sealant or tape "roll-off" caused by setting glass vertically
  • Allows IG units to be lowered evenly and consistently
  • Maintains seal integrity by positioning unit correctly
  • Avoids scallops and cracks caused by prying unit into position

The HAECO PRO-SET allows you to easily and safely set your IG units. Placed "in-line" with your glazing equipment, the PRO-SET enables your operator to maintain a flow of product from station to station. After the sealant is applied to the rabbet; the profile is moved to the PRO-SET for IG placement. The operator positions the profile and raises the "lift-fingers" with the press of a button. Once the "lift-fingers" have been raised, the IG unit may safely be rolled into position over the profile via the roller supports. The operator then selects a position based upon the profile type - DH, SH, Slider, etc - Lowering the IG to just above the profile. This ensures that the operator has an opportunity to verify final alignment of the IG and insert setting blocks, prior to contact with the sealant. Final setting of the IG is accomplished with the press of a button that slowly lowers the unit into the sealant bed. The unit is now ready to be trimmed-out and cleaned.

Through the use of the Pro-Set 3300 from HAECO, you are able to safely and effectively position your glass for adhesive application. This glass manipulator equipment allows your operators to maintain a smooth process and eliminate the need to contact the sealant. For more information about our glass lift assist or hand assist glazing equipment, please feel free to watch our video or call us today!

Watch the PRO-SET 3300 IN ACTION!