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The FAMATEC Gingo is a gripping system with four (4) adjustable suction cups for handling and fitting flat glasses and windows. The FAMATEC GINGO can be dismantled into six pieces and easily carried by hand and re-assembled in only three minutes. This manipulator provides balanced movement which allows positioning of the glass/sheet directly by hand. The Gingo is also equipped with an accumulation tank to guarantee full cycle in case of air failure.

The FAMATEC Gingo ergonomic gripping system has the following specifications:

  • It moves on wheels with low friction.
  • Balanced movement with weight pre-selector.
  • Easily dismountable in 6 pieces, each one with max weight of 50 kg.
  • For load capacity over 120 kg, Gingo will be provided counterweights.
  • Optional on board battery pack and compressor.
  • Machine weight = 230 kg.
  • Machine weight with counterweights or with kit "FREE" = 350 kg.

Features Include:

  • Pneumatic tilting +/- 100
  • Front manual rotation 1800
  • Axel Rotation 1800 (get through doors while gripping the panel)
  • Manual side movement 160mm

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