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Improve workplace safety with Famtec glass handling equipment

While glass can be handled by hand, it’s important for your business to minimize risk. At HAECO, we are proud to feature two Famatec glass manipulators to increase the safety and material handling of your operation. Glass manipulators are excellent tools when it comes to handling glass. They use vacuum suction to lift and transport glass panels in all sizes. This streamlines the operation and minimizes risk, allowing for a safer and more efficient project. In addition to their ergonomic designs and expansive weight capabilities, these machines are also user-friendly; this makes it easy for any worker in the industry to operate them. To learn more about the Famatec Friendly or Famatec Gingo, feel free to give us a call or click on the specific icons below!

Famtec Friendly glass handling equipment
Famtec Gingo glass handling equipment