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Engineered Gluing Systems can accommodate the ability to make a variety of specialty corrugated packaging products such as, corrugated build-ups, honeycomb products, pallets, corrugated parts assembly, foam-to-corrugated and triple wall tote boxes without intense labor costs, providing a competitive edge, increased profit margins and new sales opportunities.

Unlike roll coaters, HAECO Controls feature multiple channels and individual valve control, giving you the flexibility to apply hot melt and/or liquid adhesive patterns in precise locations automatically. It eliminates the safety, maintenance, and excessive adhesive usage issues associated with hand-gluing.

Using the combination of hot melt and liquid adhesive provides for quick green strength for handling the product immediately while the liquid adhesive cures, reducing production time and floor space requirements.

Auto-feed, Auto-stack and Compression Units can also be provided to further automate the production process.


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