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HAECO's InControl Flexo-Folder Gluing System ships as a complete, pre-wired, ready-to-run system! Installation has been simplified by pre-wiring and color coding all controls and cables - giving you the option to install yourself. This Flexo-Folder Gluing System is not only one of the most robust systems on the market but is also one of the easiest to setup and operate. 

HAECO's InControl Flexo-Folder Gluing System can be customized to meet your gluing needs. Whether you need the flexibility of non-contact gluing or whether you need options such as: Glue Pattern Control, Glue Pattern Verification, Jam Detection, Tab Quality Verification, Counter Ejection Output, or Registration Verification, HAECO has the solution to your flexo-folder gluing needs.

The picture you currently see is a system with the InControl and the Duro Glue station, but there are options for different controlers and gluing stations depending on what your needs are.

If at any point in this process you are having trouble identifying what options work best for you, please feel free to contact HAECO at 800-852-3522, and a sales associate would be happy to help you identify the best solution for your manufacturing and cold glue application equipment needs. 

InControl Features

InControlThe InControl can be configured for any quantity of the 6 features. Any and all of the remaining features can be activated to include any and all features at a later date. This allows you to grow your control to the needs of your application without additional control boxes and at an economical price. 


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Glue pattern / Flow ControlProvides correct glue placement and glue volume for tab and or 4th panel gluing  at varying  line speeds by utilizing photo eyes, encoder and valve compensation data.

Glue Verification
Provides an independent inspection of the glue pattern to verify the correct placement and volume of the glue after applied by means of a proprietary dual analog moisture sensor. 

Jam Detection

Four photo eye inputs monitor slippage of the product or overlapping product.

Counter ejector feature

Allows customer to set bundle count at the counter ejector and allows the customer to reset the bundle count as needed.

Registration verification
Detects board skewing and improper board feed resulting in improper slot and tab cutting.

Tab Quality verification
Identifies sheets that are undersized and hanging trim.



Glue Station Options
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