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The HAECO InControl Flexo gluing control is a state of the art Flexo system control that has been designed to not only meet the gluing needs for Flexo-folder gluers but also provide other valuable features and inspection functions needed to assure total box quality while maintaining efficient high production rates.

The HAECO InControl unit is designed so customers can buy only what they need yet have on-board available features to grow into with minimal upgrade pricing structures. When coupled with HAECO’s gluing system hardware, installation is simple. Connectors are QD style, Color coded, and keyed for quick, confident, installations. The InControl is a drop in replacement for HAECO’s legacy controls and are a simple retrofit for Valco and other competitive glue systems.

Unlike proprietary manufactured controls, the HAECO InControl boasts a well-known off the shelf “IN”dustrial icon driven interface and “IN”dustrial PLC.  This offering provides all the confidence the customer needs to assure the integrity, reliability, and availability of the product now and well into the future. This could very well be the last control you will ever need.  The control is also “IN”telligently designed by hiding its power and capability behind a very simple operator interface. The operator interface makes this control the most “IN”tuitive control in the marketplace today.

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Control Features

The InControl can be configured for any quantity of the 6 features. Any and all of the remaining features can be activated to include any and all features at a later date. This allows you to grow your control to the needs of your application without additional control boxes and at an economical price. 




Glue pattern / Flow Control
Provides correct glue placement and glue volume for tab and or 4th panel gluing  at varying  line speeds by utilizing photo eyes, encoder and valve compensation data.

Glue Verification
Provides an independent inspection of the glue pattern to verify the correct placement and volume of the glue after applied by means of a proprietary dual analog moisture sensor. 

Jam Detection
Four photo eye inputs monitor slippage of the product or overlapping product.

Counter ejector feature
Allows customer to set bundle count at the counter ejector and allows the customer to reset the bundle count as needed.

Registration verification
Detects board skewing and improper board feed resulting in improper slot and tab cutting.

Tab Quality verification
Identifies sheets that are undersized and hanging trim.