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HAECO has engineered a wide range of new features designed to save you time and money, even down to the installation. We also gave this system a very competitive price that will save you thousands over a Valco system. Take a minute and look through some of these features and find out why corrugated box plants are replacing their worn out Valco systems with the HAECO's Flexo-folder Gluing System!

This system uses the standard Duro Glue Station that resolves the issues typically associated with other contact systems. The Duro Glue Station uses a Water Purge to eliminate troublesome applicator head maintenance and air infiltration to the fluid section. Micro adjustment for guide tension minimizes wear for long lasting performance. 

For more information on the InControl click here

For more information on the Basic controller click here

For more information on the duro glue station and to view video clips of it's features click here.

There are 2 controllers options associated with the contact system. The InControl and the Basic Control. The Basic Control is offered in two different configurations, Basic Control/tab, or Basic Control/panel, depending on the necessity of gluing on the fourth panel.

To see the capabilites of each Controller click here 

Duro Glue Station

Corrugated Box 

Window & Door





Duro Glue Station

Bag & Sack

Pattern Controls

Paper Converting 


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HAECO provides a wide selection of solutions for multiple industries and manufacturers, including automated equipment, gluing systems, pattern controllers including solenoid drivers, and more. For more information, contact us today — We're located on the northeast side of Cincinnati. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. If there is anything that we can help you with please let us know. 

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