Fittings     HAECO Fittings (including VALCO Style fittings)

Glue Regulator The HAECO Glue Regulator functions just like the VALCO for much less.

Taper ValvesAre you looking for replacement parts for your Universal or General Taper Machine? HAECO has the solution! HAECO can provide glue valves, 3 hole applicator heads, 4 hole applicator heads, and rotary stopper for a fraction of the cost of VALCO's replacement parts.

VALCO’s 366 Style Glue Valve Repair Kit

Repair Kit for VALCO's 366 Style Glue Valve. Get a 6 Pack for less than VALCO's 4 Pack!

Replacement Filters      Replacement Filters

Regulator Repair Kit      Glue Regulator Repair Kits