Auto-Glaze 4200


  • Industrial Series for medium to large manufacturers or lines producing up to 300 - 450 windows (600 - 900 lites) per shift per line
  • HMI allows operator, maintenance, and engineering personnel to reach appropriate level of parameters. Upper levels are password protected
  • Auto-Z - Optional automatic Z-axis vertical adjustment to glazing heights during each cycle
  • Auto-Warm - Used when running warm-applied sealants. Maintains heat at the nozzle tip during periods of inactivity. This reduces excessive sealant waste due to purging and reduces potential for defective products.


The AUTO-GLAZE 4200 Series is HAECO's industrial series of automatic back-bedding equipment manufactured for medium to large manufacture. The 4200 is built for production rates up to 450 windows (900 lites) per 8 hour shift! Auto-Z option allows the Z-axis to automatically adjust to the correct glazing height during each cycle providing you with greater flexibility. The operator can mix the profile styles without any system adjustments thus increasing productivity. The panel interface is kept simple for the operator, but allows maintenance and engineering to access appropriate levels of parameters. The 4200 series can be configured to run hot, cold or two-part sealants.

Watch the Auto-Glaze 4200 in Action!