• Economy Series for small to medium size manufacturers producing150 - 300 windows (300 - 600 lites) per shift per line
  • Pneumatic Head Assembly will accept up to 3 height adjustments
  • Keyed Lock-out allows maintenance personnel access to additional controls
  • Optional: Single/Twin selector allows mulled units or two individual sash of same or differing size to be run during the same cycle

The AUTO-GLAZE 2100 Series is HAECO's economy series of automatic back-bedding equipment. Built for small to medium manufacturers, the 2100 can run up to 300 windows (600 lites)Â per 8 hour shift. Each 2100 series comes with a pneumatic head assembly that can be adapted to handle up to three glazing heights. Operator controls are kept simple, yet additional maintenance controls are available via the keyed-lockout. Very competitively priced compared to other automatic back-bedding equipment, the 2100 is simple, easy to use, and reliable. This glazing system can be configured to run hot, cold or two-part sealants.